Heart break – A Closer Look

Dec 30

ax1Heartbreak comes with emotional breakdown, distrust, hatred and most times mental disorder. There are so many things that lead to heartbreak. Below are some of the few causes of heartbreak. Lack of love: Love is the foundation in which every relationship is built.

When you are into a relationship that your partner never had true love for you, but got into the relationship for a selfish reason, the so called love tends to depreciate and later die. The difference between true love and false love is that true love does not ware out and does not die, but false love dies. When the love finally dies, the relationship also dies, thereby, leading to heartbreak.

ax2Misunderstanding: I have seen so many relationships and marriages breaking up due to misunderstanding, lack of trust or lack of love between the two parties. Because of misunderstanding in a relationship, a relationship will die prematurely. In other words, one of the party’s hearts is broken. Covetousness: Having a very strong desire for another person’s man or woman at expense of your own partner causes heartbreak.

Once a partner becomes covetous, he or she ends up putting the other party at emotional disorder and mental degradation. The first heartbreak I experience was due to covetousness. My partner left me for another man, who was a little bit richer than I.

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A Note on Heart break

Dec 30

ax5Being “in love” is wonderful. You smile more. You laugh spontaneously. Your step is livelier. Common, everyday things – activities you’ve done for years – seem wonderfully different. And all things are “right” in your world. If you are heartbroken, if you are hurting, angry, depressed, or feel like everything doesn’t matter anymore, utterly hopeless, I truly empathize.

Believe me, I’ve been there. Heartbreak – the dark, soul-wrenching, and debilitating type – is not something I would wish upon anyone! It can paralyze and taint our minds with all things negative.

ax6But there is hope. Really. And I urge you to read on. Let me share some powerful thoughts with you; thoughts that helped me recover and heal my broken heart; thoughts that rebuilt my inner world; thoughts that nourished my self-esteem, reinstated my faith in the people around me and the world, and most importantly, allowed me to be able to love again.

Heartbreak -Maybe you spent weeks or even months secretly admiring someone from afar and finally summoned up the courage to ask her/him out – only to be flat out rejected Maybe your lover does something ugly, abusive, or insensitive. What if, with or without warning, your partner abandons you?

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